Elworth Cricket Club

Installed March 2011 Wireless


Just to keep you updated the scoreboard is working well.
We purchased 2 new leisure batteries, and alternate use of each one to power the scorebox, and for first team games with an inverter connected to the battery as well to power the 2 scorers' laptops.

We are also using the additional power supply for some junior games when the scorers want to sit inside the pavilion. We have got into a good routine for charging the leisure batteries and the battery inside the control box. With the control box everyone has clued onto the fact that they can use it from the power supply as well if the battery does run down.

David Buckley
Elworth CC
14 June 2011

Hi John,

Hope you are keeping well.
The scoreboard continued to work well throughout the season and has been a great success for us - but then of course you knew it would be!

David Buckley (Elworth CC)
29 November 201l