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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the system work?


The scoring system consists of a control panel, where the data is entered and a number of LED seven segment displays that are fastened to the facia of the scoreboard. Each of the display digits is supplied with a digital signal on a 20 way ribbon cable which connects all of the displays together. A decoder board which is fastened to the rear of each display selects the required digit for the that display from the incoming data. The control panel is designed to be intuitive to use as it looks like a conventional scoreboard. In trials we have found that most users will be able to operate it within 5 to 10 minutes.

What is the maximum number of digits we can display?


This system will display up to 31 digits which is sufficient for all but the largest clubs. If you require more than 31 digits please contact us for a quotation.

Do we need to input the batsman’s runs and the total separately?


No the control panel automatically adds the batsman’s runs and the extras to the total.

What do we need to do when a wicket falls?


Select the button for the batsman who is out and then press the “wickets” button. The wickets will be increased by one and the batsman’s score will be transferred to the last man’s score. The last wicket will be changed to the present total; the batsman’s score will be changed to zero; the batsman’s number will be changed to the next man in; and the partnership will be reduced to zero.

If I add too many runs to the score what can I do?


Select either the button for the batsman, or for the extras where the mistake occurred then press the “decrement” button. The individual score and the total will fall for each press of the “decrement” button and the increment/decrement digit will show how many runs have been removed. All the other features can be adjusted up or down in case of a mistake in the same way.

We require a small display to start with and hope to expand later, will your system allow this?


Yes, if you buy this system you can start with a minimum display of say the total, the number of wickets and the overs remaining. A total of 6 digits. You can add more digits later as your funding will allow. For example you could add the required runs (another 3 digits) and then the batsman’s scores the following season. The control panel is supplied with a full complement of digits so the scorer will be able to operate it even though you only have a smaller number displayed. This will allow for future expansion.

You say the system can be expanded at a later date. How do we do this?


The system is fully modular so additional digits are just added to the end of the current cables. The driver board for each digit is the same design with the required digit being selected by a small switch on the printed circuit board. This enables you to select only the digits you require to be displayed from the incoming data.

If we run our scoreboard from a battery what size will we require?


This depends on the number of digits on the display. Each digit will require a maximum of 0.56 amps if it is displaying “8" or a minimum of 0.16 amps for the digit “1”. A 20 digit scoreboard will need a current of about 11 amps from a 12 volt battery if all the digits display the number “8”. This is unlikely so an average current of 5 to 6 amps is appropriate. Most league matches last for no more than 4 hours per innings so allowing for breaks assume 10 hours display time will be required. The total power required can be supplied by a fully charged 60 ampere hour battery. To be on the safe side allow a bit extra.

You say the system has “Leading Zero Suppression” what is this?


The leading zeros (the ones in front of the score which are not required until the score exceeds 9) are not displayed to conserve battery power and also improve the readability of the scoreboard.

How easy is it to install?


The display is fully modular with each digit linked to the next by a 20 way ribbon cable which we supply with the cables cut to size with a connector on each end. The digits will also require a two core power cable suitable for supplying up to 20 amps which we can supply cut to the correct length including the connectors. Each digit will require a cut out behind for the connection of the cables. An additional serial input module is required for the scoreboard to receive the data from the control panel. We will be pleased to assist with the installation if required. Most clubs have DIY members who can make and paint the woodwork for the display and mount the digits, so you will only require us to connect and commission the system.

Are the electronics weather proof?


The electronics will need to be mounted in a weather proof housing. A clear plastic front which is sealed will be sufficient. We suggest a clear polycarbonate sheet is suitable as it has better light transmission than glass and is 25 times stronger. This is the material that motorcycle visors and bus shelters are made from. Please ask for further guidance.

Can I correct any mistakes on the controller?


Yes, you can easily manually adjust all the functions with the “selection” button and the “increment” and “decrement” buttons to correct mistakes.

Does the controller need to be adjacent to the display?


No, the controller communicates with the display panel using a serial data link. The maximum distance is over 1000 metres when using the correct cable.

Can the display be seen in bright sunlight?


Yes, we have tested the display in bright conditions. The LEDs are a state of the art high efficient high brightness type which only require a low current.

How far can the display be seen?


The 8" digits are visible from 100 metres with the 10" and 12" digits visible from over 150 metres.

Can the display be seen all round the ground?


Yes, the visible angle of the LEDs is 120 degrees which will cover the majority of applications apart from when the spectators are behind or in line with the scoreboard.

We require a repeater scoreboard in the clubhouse, how easy is it to install?


The display requires power and serial data. The power can be supplied from a small 240v ac to 13.8v DC power supply or a 12v battery. The data is connected to the main display or the control panel by a small signal cable. We can also supply indoor displays with smaller size digits .

Running long cables round the ground will cause us a problem. Do you have a wireless system?


We are planning to introduce wireless links next year. The system is fully compatible with either wireless or wired connections and will not require a change to your existing system. The wireless links just replace any wired links. You can have mixed wired and wireless links between the control panel and the displays.

How far will the wireless links work ?


Up to 200 metres within the line of sight. Any metal objects will reflect the signals and walls will absorb the signal so reducing the available distance.

Is there a limit to how many repeater displays we can have?


The limit is 10 displays for a wired system and an unlimited number for wireless provided they are within range of the transmitter.

What type warranty do you provide?


We offer a 12 month back to base warranty against faulty materials and workmanship. On site maintenance can be arranged at cost for those who require it.

How do I contact you for technical support ?


We have a dedicated service line 0113 252 5582 which is available during normal working hours. Outside of working hours you can leave a message which we will respond to on the next working day.

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