Pateley Bridge Cricket Club

Installed March 2015, External Repeater April 2016, Wireless

Hi John,

We bought our electronic scoreboard from you this year (which is working fine and so much easier than our old number system!).

I have been asked to enquire about the cost of purchasing another scoreboard (more basic), which only shows the overs, score and last innings which we would like to mount on the opposite side of the cricket field.

However, as we donít have electricity there, does the scoreboard have an alternative source of power, can it be run another way, such as a battery?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Good afternoon Helen,

Thank you for your email this afternoon, I am pleased that your scoreboard has been a success.

We make small scoreboards (known as a repeater) like the one you have described which will work wireless with your control panel.

I have attached some photos of the ones at Denby (8" digits), Chatburn (10" digits) and Gomersal (6" digits) for your information. All of these boards will run from a 12v leisure battery so you will not require a mains power supply on the other side of the field.

Please let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions.