Puttenham Cricket Club

Installed April 2012 Wired

Dear John,

In 2012 you supplied us with an electronic scoreboard which I have to say has been a great success. However, three years on we are having some minor difficulties operating the control panel owing to some of the keys "sticking". I guess this happens after several years of use and was wondering if there is a simple remedy for this type of problem, or whether we should replace the whole unit. Could you advise me as to the best solution please?


Colin Blunden

Puttenham Cricket Club

Hi Colin

Thank you for your email and I am glad that you have enjoyed using your scoreboard.

The best way forward is for you to return the control box to us and we will service it and replace the troublesome buttons. We will get it back to you as quickly as possible, it sounds as if you can still use your control box so choose your time to fit in with the matches you have on.

Let me know so that we can be ready at this end because we would like to turn it round within a couple of days.

The charge is 35.00 for the service, plus carriage of 40.00 (Next day signed for) plus VAT.