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Widmer End St Margarets Cricket Club

Installed May 2016 Wired


Many thanks for your e-mail.

We have been delighted with the scoreboard and the service we received from you.

Our scorers have found it very easy to use and as someone who does a lot of umpiring it has certainly saved me from making my usual cry from the middle of " Will somebody please update the ruddy scoreboard!"

We have received favourable comments from several visiting teams and have been happy to pass on your details.

For the time being we have been lifting the scoreboard out of the pavilion for each match but during the close season we hope to construct a wall on which it can be hung during the season with a suitable shutter to be locked down after a game. If all goes according to plan I will send a picture in due course.


Laurie Johnson
Widmer End St Margarets CC